MagVAR Standard Definition MVSD2017



MagVAR is now introducing the new MVSD2017 global geomagnetic reference field model. The MVSD is MagVAR’s standard definition model of the Earth’s main field and updated annually in order to capture  secular changes. The MVSD is an alternative to the BGGM model and satisfies the conditions of the ISCWSA MWD error model tool code.

Product availability

Implementing the MVSD2017 into the drilling workflow is made simple using MagVAR’s MVGM calculator. Drillers, engineers, and well planners can acquire the magnetic reference field values (Btotal, Dip, and Declination) at any point location in the world using any coordinate reference system with an EPSG code. The MVSD2017 can also be made available as a plug-in for your well planning or directional drilling software of choice. Please contact MagVAR to discuss a solution tailored to your specific needs. 

Proven Track Record

The MVSD model was created by Dr. Stefan Maus, Director of MagVAR. Dr. Maus spent 10 years with NOAA as a chief scientist leading the geomagnetism team in the National Geophysical Data Center. Dr. Maus is known in the oil and gas industry as a leading expert in geomagnetism through his development of the HDGM global model and numerous local IFR models for drilling customers around the world.



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Model comparisonMaps of global geomagnetic models IGRF/WMM and MVSD

Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in Russia


 Maus, S., Managing Main & Crustal Magnetic Fields and New Developments in Global Magnetic Modeling, ISCWSA-41, London, 20-Mar-2015 link to presentation.