MagVAR locates existing magnetic data and commissions new airborne and marine magnetic surveys. We also monitor disturbance fields with 3-component mobile ground stations. Wellbore Quality Control and survey analysis services by our Surcon Realtime Center provide confidence in MWD surveys and the final wellbore position. 

Non-Exclusive magnetic survey data

For a given oil field location, MagVAR searches for existing public and proprietary magnetic surveys. See our list of non-exclusive aeromagnetic surveys owned or distributed by MagVAR.

New airborne and marine magnetic surveys

For areas with insufficient coverage, we offer to plan and execute new airborne and marine magnetic surveys. For areas far offshore, new Wave Glider technology offers safe and cost-effective surveys and disturbance field monitoring with excellent accuracy.


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Disturbance field monitoring

For applications with high demands on magnetic reference field accuracy, we offer the deployment of a mobile 3-component vector base stations to monitor the magnetic disturbance field.


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Wellbore MWD survey quality analysis

Analysis of raw Measurement While Drilling (MWD) survey data can help identify issues and provide confidence in the reported location of the wellbore. We check for gross error, validate the raw MWD measurements against the requirements of the tool codes, recompute the well trajectory and compare it against the reported location of TD. Multi-station analysis is available as an optional service.   


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